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Friday April 25, 2014

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  • You Pay Taxes -- Why Doesn't General Electric?

    Frank  Clemente by: Frank Clemente
    You pay your fair share of taxes. Small businesses do too. It's the price we pay to educate our kids, protect our communities and have some security in retirement. Why shouldn't some of Americas largest corporations pay their fair share too?
      Corporations are making record profits. But 111 profitable Fortune 500 companies paid zero federal income taxes in one or more of the past five years, according to a recent report by Citizens for Tax Justice. What's worse -- 26 of them, including Boeing, General Electric and Verizon, paid nothing over the entire five-years. Astoundingly, they got tax refunds instead.

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  • Letting Corporations Skate on Taxes Undermines Life on Main Street

    Katherine McFate by: Katherine McFate, George Goehl
    The Great Recession "officially" ended almost five years ago, but looking at many communities across the country, you wouldnt believe it. Ten million people are still searching for work, and more than 15 million families have lost their homes to foreclosure. Classrooms are more crowded, roads need repair, and states and cities struggle to meet growing needs as Congress imposes an austerity agenda. Unless you run a wealthy corporation, you are likely experiencing an America in crisis.
      Many politicians spin this as a "spending" crisis, claiming, "There just isn't any money.

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  • The Secret Sauce Behind Leading Opponents of a Minimum Wage Increase

    LeeAnn Hall by: LeeAnn Hall, Saru Jayaraman
    There's a heated debate going on in Congress and many state capitols this spring over raising the minimum wage. One of the key players -- and a vocal opponent of wage increases -- is the restaurant lobby, led by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).
      So, when the Restaurant Association holds its annual lobby day in Washington, DC in late April, topping its agenda will be this: to stick a fork in the proposed federal minimum wage increase.
      The NRA has an impressive track record on this score: Congress hasn't voted to increase the minimum wage since 2007, and the tipped minimum that applies to many restaurant workers remains frozen at $2.

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  • Immigration Reform: Diversity is Good for Business, the Economy

    MaryAnne Howland by: MaryAnne Howland
    When thinking of immigration reform, we must ask ourselves what we want for the country. From a business perspective, important goals to aim for are innovation and entrepreneurship. And although there's no simple recipe for achieving them, one key ingredient is diversity.
      Smart business leaders know this. The most successful corporations strive to be the "Employer of Choice," looking to recruit the best and brightest in a multicultural marketplace. They know they need the best skills and talent to deliver the innovation that leads to the best products and service in an increasingly competitive economy.

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No More Backsliding

Dara  Richardson-Heron by: Dara Richardson-Heron, Wade Henderson
We have had several thought-provoking conversations recently about a new and surprising description of women's status in America. According to the latest Shriver Report, A Woman's Nation Pushes ...

A Living Wage is an Equal Voice

Luz  Vega-Marquis by: Luz Vega-Marquis
Take a look at your bills: What do you pay for food, housing, clothing, health care, utilities and transportation? How much would it take for your family to just get by? Could you make it on $15,000 ...

Earned Income Tax Credit

Jeanie Smith by: Jeanie Smith
It is tax time again, and I've been hearing a lot about the possibility of a State Earned Income Tax Credit -- a tax credit for working families that would piggyback off the federal EITC. Over the ...

Here's One Fix for Our Imperfect Marketplace

Mitch Rofsky by: Mitch Rofsky
As a business person, there is one economics lesson I learn over and over again: The marketplace is essential but not perfect. It is not perfect in a variety of ways, but a big one is that not ...

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