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Monday May 25, 2020

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  • The Forgotten Voices That Galvanized The Womens Suffrage Movement

    Joan Michelson by: Joan Michelson
    At Larkin street a crowd of women came in. They were on their way to the Womens Congress&. All kinds and degrees of women. They filled hall and balcony; they stood against the walls, and, standing, filled the aisles. They were enthusiastic and hopeful and full of excitement&But the most striking thing about this womans convention is the spirit of camaraderie it fosters&. They have learned how to disagree without quarreling, and they are willing to admit that there are two sides to a question and an infinite number of points of view.
      So began an article about the California Womens Congress on May 21, 1895 by Miriam Michelson, my great-great aunt and a prominent reporter for the San Francisco Call.

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  • The Truth Behind Small Modular Reactors

    Steve Thomas by: Steve Thomas
    When things are going badly for nuclear power, the nuclear industry offers the promise of new technologies. The latest example is the Small Modular Reactor (SMR), with significantly lower power outputs compared to established reactor designs. As always with nuclear technologies, the public will be footing the bill for this latest folly.
      An earlier round of public funding in many countries went to companies that promoted large reactor designs that were supposed to power a Nuclear Renaissance. That renaissance flopped and the cost and time overruns of these reactor designs at their flagship sites are, even by the standards of nuclear power, extraordinary  more than thrice the advertised costs and delays of up to a decade.

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  • The Patient Anguish Is Neverending Act

    Kim Callinan by: Kim Callinan
    Recently introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate, the so-called Patients Rights Act (S. 1993), should be renamed the Patient Anguish Is Neverending Act (PAIN Act) because thats exactly what will happen if this bill is enacted.
      This inhumane bill would withhold federal funding (including Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act) from any healthcare entity that supports their patients with these or any other requests that intentionally shorten or end life, no matter what the patient wants or how much they are suffering.
      For example, it would make it virtually impossible for a terminally ill person to end their suffering and die peacefully, even when life-sustaining treatment violates the patients explicit stated wishes verbally or in writing.

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  • To Tackle Climate Change, We Need to Rethink Our Food Systems

    Kathleen Rogers by: Kathleen Rogers, Shenggen Fan
    The way we produce, consume and discard food is unsustainable. A new report from an independent body of scientists warns that we must rethink our food system  and quickly  to avoid the most devastating impacts of deforestation, biodiversity loss and unchecked climate change.
      While its not often recognized, the food industry is almost on par with fossil fuels as a driver of climate change. As todays report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns, to reach the 2030 target of reducing emissions by 50%, we need more than reforms by the energy and transportation sectors we must also reform our land use and agriculture practices.

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Its Time to Disrupt Caregiving

Liz O'Donnell by: Liz O'Donnell
November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to honor and recognize the people who care for aging and ill family members. Honor and recognition are important, but we cant stop there. Caregiving ...

Too Many American Lives Hinge on Drug Prices

Gail deVore by: Gail deVore
The angry protests around the 2016 Mylan EpiPen scandal brought into sharp focus the perils for patients when the price of a life-saving drug spikes precipitously, with little or no forewarning, and no ...

Cape restaurant owner endorses minimum wage ballot issue

Gabriele Ruggieri by: Gabriele Ruggieri
Since I was a child, watching my mother make the traditional meals of Sicily, I knew I wanted to build a life around cooking. But after years of working in hotels and restaurants around the world, I wanted ...

There's Lots 2 Love About the School Lunch Program

Tracey Ritchie by: Tracey Ritchie
One of the most successful and bipartisan programs in United States history is the National School Lunch program and today as we celebrate National School Lunch Week this October 15 - 19, it's important ...

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The Forgotten Voices That Galvanized The Womens Suffrage Movement (by: Joan Michelson) in the Melkenberg Sun

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