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Tuesday October 22, 2019

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  • Its Time to Disrupt Caregiving

    Liz O'Donnell by: Liz O'Donnell
    November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to honor and recognize the people who care for aging and ill family members. Honor and recognition are important, but we cant stop there. Caregiving disrupts the lives of the more than forty million people in this country who are assisting an aging or ill family member. As a result of their caregiving duties, their health, their work, their ability to save for retirement, and the quality of care they are able to provide, are all impacted. This November we must move beyond honoring and recognizing caregivers. We need to disrupt caregiving.
      According to the AARP, the typical caregiver spends 24.

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  • Too Many American Lives Hinge on Drug Prices

    Gail deVore by: Gail deVore
    The angry protests around the 2016 Mylan EpiPen scandal brought into sharp focus the perils for patients when the price of a life-saving drug spikes precipitously, with little or no forewarning, and no ready alternative. As a Type 1 diabetic who has been dealing with escalating insulin prices my whole life, I was heartened to see the public outcry over our countrys anemic attitude toward setting affordable drug pricing policies. My concern now is that, without additional crises to capture the publics attention, the issue will recede in significance. Rest assured, the realities for patients living under the price-spiral sword have not receded, our lives continue to be threatened daily.

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  • Cape restaurant owner endorses minimum wage ballot issue

    Gabriele Ruggieri by: Gabriele Ruggieri
    Since I was a child, watching my mother make the traditional meals of Sicily, I knew I wanted to build a life around cooking. But after years of working in hotels and restaurants around the world, I wanted greater opportunity. I wanted my own restaurant, a place that -- like my mother's kitchen -- would not only showcase Italian cooking but embody the warmth and inclusiveness of the hospitality I grew up with.
      The community I chose was Cape Girardeau. In 2016, I opened Gabriel's Food + Wine in the Historic District. Since then, Gabriel's has become a community fixture, a place to have pasta with the family, celebrate special occasions or enroll the kids in our children's cooking classes.

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  • There's Lots 2 Love About the School Lunch Program

    Tracey Ritchie by: Tracey Ritchie
    One of the most successful and bipartisan programs in United States history is the National School Lunch program and today as we celebrate National School Lunch Week this October 15 - 19, it's important to reflect on the millions and millions of children who have benefited from this program over the years. This year schools will celebrate National School Lunch Week with the theme 'Lots 2 Love', intended to encourage students and school nutrition professionals to share what they love most about school lunches. For many kids, school food is the main source of nutrition they receive on a daily basis.

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SNAP Program Critical to People with disabilities

Kyle Waide by: Kyle Waide, Eric Jacobson
People living with disabilities in Georgia face many obstacles, including higher than average rates of unemployment, lower than average incomes and costly medical expenses. It is little wonder that food ...

Claire McCaskill Has 2.5 Million Reasons to Oppose Judge Kavanaugh

Jen Bersdale by: Jen Bersdale
One year ago, Americans from across the political spectrum came together to stop Congress from repealing the Affordable Care Act and taking its vital protections for people with pre-existing conditions ...

Mercury, smallmouth bass and the Supreme Court

John Hickey by: John Hickey
This past Labor Day weekend, I was with my son, wading in the upper Huzzah Creek in the Missouri Ozarks. My son was fishing for smallmouth bass, and the fish were really biting. He was pulling one smallie ...

Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Threat to Roe, Constitutional Right to Abortion and Birth Control

Jose Caldera by: Jose Caldera
We are in the midst of confirmation process for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. This lifetime appointment will greatly impact the lives of every Missourian for decades to come. Our constitutional ...

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