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Saturday August 29, 2015

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  • Women's Equality 95 Years Later

    Stacey Y.  Abrams by: Stacey Y. Abrams, Kathy Hawken
    On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, officially became part of the United States Constitution. The anniversary of this historic achievement deserves recognition, celebration, and a tremendous "thank you" to those brave women who faced ridicule, beatings, starvation, torture and false imprisonment so that women today could exercise their right to cast a ballot. Yet, 95 years later, equality continues to elude many women.
      The right to vote armed women with a critical weapon in the fight for equality. However, the persistence of economic policies that degrade the value of women's work, damages the access to fair labor and cripple career promotion undermines that promise of equality.

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  • A Vision for Ferguson, Baltimore, L.A. and Everywhere

    Gloria Walton by: Gloria Walton
    This month, the nation will acknowledge two political milestones. On Aug. 9, we mark the one-year anniversary of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Two days later, we mark the 50th anniversary of the uprising in Watts. A third civil disturbance, located in time between these two, offers lessons learned from the failures of 1965.
      It provides a blueprint for how we might begin to rebuild Ferguson and the many American communities that look like Ferguson. That third milestone is the 1992 unrest in South Los Angeles.
      In April 1992, L.A. erupted, sparked by the acquittal of police accused of beating an unarmed Black man named Rodney King.

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  • Trading Up for a Better Trade Deal

    David Levine by: David Levine
    As the dust settles on the fight in Congress over Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, we have an opportunity to think anew about what good trade policy could be. If get past the rhetoric, we can expand the public and political dialogue about trade and truly understand the impact it can have all our businesses.
      Representing hundreds of thousands of businesses from diverse sectors and different regions nationwide, we have come to understand first-hand that trade is an important element of a robust economy. As a business organization, we opposed Fast Track and the TPP not because we are against trade, but because we need a better trade deal than what the TPP is offering.

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  • Social Impact Bonds Can Help Solve Difficult Social Problems

    Greg Keesling by: Greg Keesling
    Addressing societal issues is both a moral and fiscal imperative for our country. High recidivism rates, low educational attainment, and high incidents of preventable diseases are just a few of the harmful and costly issues communities face nationwide. Though governments bear the brunt of these problems by having to allocate an ever-increasing share of taxpayer funds for remediation, businesses increasingly feel the effects.
      Areas with high levels of crime or an undertrained or unhealthy workforce are unattractive places to conduct business. When public sector resources are stretched thinner and thinner, the fiscal burden is often passed along to business owners in the form of tax increases.

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Walmart's Use of Tax Havens Hurts Small Businesses

J. Kelly   Conklin by: J. Kelly Conklin
Recent revelations that Walmart, the world's biggest corporation, is maintaining secret subsidiaries in well-known offshore tax havens are outrageous but far from surprising to small business owners. ...

People Power Prevails: Wisconsin Records Still Open to the Public

Brian   Gumm by: Brian Gumm
I grew up in Wisconsin and have always been proud of its long history of government integrity. A case in point is the state's open records law: passed in 1982, the law allows residents, public ...

The Business Case for the Carbon Tax

Julie Fox Gorte by: Julie Fox Gorte
History offers a great many examples of individuals, groups and societies that lived too much in the moment and compromised longer term prosperity -- or in some cases (think Easter Island) even survival. ...

Legislation that Could End Unwanted Medical Treatment

Daniel Wilson by: Daniel Wilson
Roughly 25 million Americans have been subjected to unwanted medical treatment at some point in their lives, and that means we have a healthcare system that is not listening to patients. We all ...

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