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Tuesday May 11, 2021

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  • Message to Georgia Gen Z Students Turning 18: It's Time to Register and Vote

    Riya Goel by: Riya Goel
    I can't vote, but I need people who can vote to vote. As a 16 year old from New Jersey, there is only so much that I can do as a youth, and oftentimes people in power don't take us seriously because we don't have spending power, we can't support them monetarily, or they assume under that we don't care, or won't know enough to get into the specifics or challenge them or their thoughts. I'd argue that youth care more than anyone in the world because it is their future that legislators are making decisions upon without any input from them. Gen-Z is an internet generation- the amount of information at our fingertips is nothing short of infinite, and this allows us to take interest in the matters of our world today and to move forward.

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  • 100 Years of Woman Suffrage: What Difference Has It Made?

    Mary Mosley by: Mary Mosley
    "Resolved, that it is the duty of women of this country to secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise. In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton insisted that the Seneca Falls women's rights convention approve this resolution. But woman suffrage was such an outlandish idea then that the resolution barely passed. After 100 years of most women being eligible to vote, have any of the predictions of the suffragists or anti-suffragists come true? At first, suffragists argued that giving women the ballot was only fair. As one male suffragist observed, a country where women could not vote should be called a "manocracy," not a democracy.

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  • Repost of 2015 Article by Stacey Abrams and Kathy Hawken - Women's Equality 95 Years Later

    Stacey Y. Abrams by: Stacey Y. Abrams, Kathy Hawken
    On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, officially became part of the United States Constitution. The anniversary of this historic achievement deserves recognition, celebration, and a tremendous "thank you" to those brave women who faced ridicule, beatings, starvation, torture and false imprisonment so that women today could exercise their right to cast a ballot. Yet, 95 years later, equality continues to elude many women. The right to vote armed women with a critical weapon in the fight for equality. However, the persistence of economic policies that degrade the value of women's work, damages the access to fair labor and cripple career promotion undermines that promise of equality.

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  • Why America Needs a Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Reconciliation

    Jennifer Tomkins by: Jennifer Tomkins
    Coming to the U.S. in the mid-1980's I was shocked to find how much it appeared to me to resemble South Africa I had left in the late 70s at the height of apartheiid. U.S. activists, mobilizing the American people and institutions, had played a supporting role in the overthrow of apartheid. However, they had singly failed to help accomplish the removal of de-facto segregation at home. I believe it is high time that those of us who are "often unwittingly" the beneficiaries of white privilege, fully recognize the enduring consequences of our own nation's "original sin" of racism. This racism is not only a matter so much of individual prejudice but also of deeply entrenched institutional bias but to address it will require white allies to support the Black leaders who are worki

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Sydney Goggans by: Sydney Goggans
"Lift every voice and sing" This is the song that Black Americans cry and rejoice to during our moments of tears, oppression and rejection. We are being plagued by two viruses in this country: COVID-19 ...

COVID and Racism Have Exposed Great Inequalities. We Need Small Business Now More than Ever.

Shaundell Newsome by: Shaundell Newsome
GoFundMe pages, idled workers and good-bye and thank you signs popping up on one long-standing storefront after another. Americas Main Street businesses are on the ropes and many of our moms and pops ...

Let's Imagine a Post-Pandemic Era with Less Policing and No New Jails.

Amanda Alexander by: Amanda Alexander
Right now, the impossible is happening.
  In Detroit, with COVID-19 bursting the boundaries of our everyday catastrophes, we are seeing astounding  and overdue  changes in police and ...

If You Value Essential Workers, Raise the Minimum Wage

Holly Sklar by: Holly Sklar
Every day in these hard times, grocery workers and delivery drivers, healthcare aides and cleaning staff, childcare workers and fast food cooks, go to work for $7.25 an hour, the federal minimum wage. ...

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Why America Needs a Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Reconciliation (by: Jennifer Tomkins) in the Augusta Free Press

COVID and Racism Have Exposed Great Inequalities. We Need Small Business Now More than Ever. (by: Shaundell Newsome) in the Kentucky New Era

If You Value Essential Workers, Raise the Minimum Wage (by: Holly Sklar) in the Atlanta Daily Word

To Protect the Most Vulnerable from Coronavirus, We Must Reimagine Medicine (by: Kim Callinan) in the Augusta Free Press

The Forgotten Voices That Galvanized The Women's Suffrage Movement (by: Joan Michelson) in the Melkenberg Sun

Too Many American Lives Hinge on Drug Prices (by: Gail deVore) in the Vilas County News-Review

There's Lots 2 Love About the School Lunch Program (by: Tracey Ritchie) in the Bay City Tribune

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