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Editorial Board Benefits

The key to the Forum program is our state editorial boards, which operate as "think tanks," identifying story concepts and authors. American Forum assists the progressive community in developing op-eds and related materials that are distributed to the print and broadcast media. The Forum provides the state editorial boards with production, fundraising, and other services. Learn more about Editorial Board resources.

Nonprofit Assist

Nonprofit Assist, a low-cost media service, is a progressive nonprofit’s connection to the media. Whether it’s press releases, audio spots, video or media relations training, Nonprofit Assist has what your organization needs to achieve your public policy goals. With your annual set-up fee, ranging from $25 for state organizations to $100 for national organizations, plus a low cost-per-service fee, you can connect to key media decision-makers to expand the reach of your message. Read the overview of Nonprofit Assist to find out more about the services or sign-up now.

Media Benefits

Media Forum is a free resource service created on specific requests from journalists, editors, and other media professionals like yourself. Media Forum provides informative commentary by local and state experts for unrestricted use to the media. The Forum also provides photos, editorial cartoons, audio and video clips, and an organized collection of local, state, and national experts to contact or interview on a variety of issues and more. Journalists, view the resources available to you in Media Forum or signup for a password now.


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