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State Editorial Board Benefits

The key to the Forum program is our state editorial boards, which operate as "think tanks," identifying story concepts and authors. American Forum assists the progressive community in developing op-eds and related materials that are distributed to the print and broadcast media. The Forum provides the state editorial boards with production, fundraising, and other services.

State Forums have been a key tool for connecting nonprofit organizations with mainstream media decision-makers throughout the state. The Forum’s distribution service is a proven model of success that consistently reaches 6.25 million households through the print media, and over 13 million adults via radio and television.

Knowledge Share: Strategy Sessions
State boards meet every 2-3 months to determine topics of importance to the state and its citizens. These sessions bring together community activists, journalists, volunteers, and others who work on a wide-range of issue areas. Attending these meetings gives you a chance to strategize with local experts, communication professionals and other knowledgeable persons, learn innovative ways to craft your message for the media in a way that meets your communications objectives, build partnerships with other organizations within the state and more. The Forum’s professional staff is also available to help with your media relations needs.

Media Usage and Tracking
Trace your story and track coverage of Forum pieces to determine how the media and the public received your message. You can also view clips of articles featured in various media outlets online or in hardcopy by request.

Workshops and Working Groups
Throughout the year, the Forum hosts a variety of trainings, workshops and working groups, ranging from emerging technologies and public-policy trends to innovative communications strategies and effective media techniques, giving you valuable insight and practical knowledge you can use in your everyday media relations efforts.

Multimedia Enhancements for media packet
The Forum provides high-quality and convenient audio/video production and encoding that can be distributed in conjunction with the standard Forum media packet.

The Source.: A Resource List of Authors and Experts
Get listed in The Source., the Forum’s online media resource providing journalists with detailed media profiles of nonprofits, activists, business professionals and other voices throughout the community and state. Get listed now.

State Forum Online Access
State Forum is a restricted intranet embedded within the American Forum website designed exclusively to link communications among the Forum’s growing network of state editorial boards, members of the national board and other progressive grassroots organizations. It serves as a tool for recruiting and expanding the capacity of the boards to strategically plan, helps facilitate sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas and allows for the development of coordinated media campaigns among existing states, within regions and/or nationally. Visit State Forum online now.


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